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Homework Help: Pulley system and tension

  1. Oct 12, 2011 #1
    A mass M in held in place by the applied force F and the pulley system shown below. The pulleys are massless and frictionless. Determine the tension in each section in each section of rope and the applied force F

    Taking upwards as positve

    -T1 - F = 0

    T4 - T1 - T3 = 0

    T2 + T3 - T5 = 0

    T5 - Mg = 0

    Now this is where I confused about the tension
    To me, I think T1 = T2 = T3
    but again, am not sure, can anyone tell me if it was right or wrong ? so I can go on with my problem. Thank you

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    As the pulleys are massless and frictionless, and T1, T2, T3 are the tensions in the same rope, they must be equal. The massless pulleys would rotate with infinite angular speed otherwise.

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