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Homework Help: Pulley System on Incline

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    Three blocks are attached by a massless wire. Two blocks are on the incline, and the other is hanging below. The pulley is frictionless; however, the coefficent of friction between the ramp m1 is 0.15. The coefficient of friction between m2 and and the ramp is uknown.

    A) Determine the coefficent of friction between m2 and the ramp of the acceleration of the system is m/s^2

    B) What is the tension in the wire between m1 and m2 while the blocks are accelerating

    I have spent many hours trying to figure out were to start. Would you use the force of m3 and the acting force of m2+m3 to determine the coefficent of friction?

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    You left out the (given?) acceleration of the system.
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    WOW- sorry bought that- was doing it quickly... it was if the system accelerates at 1 m/s^2
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