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Homework Help: Pulley system

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    This is a general question...

    Given a pulley system that consists of one pulley and 2 strings--each with a mass hanging from it. One mass is 3kg, the other is 4kg. In class we concluded that the tension on each string was equal--why?
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    Arent they attached to the same string?

    Can you have two different tension forces on one string?
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    Oh I see. What if you had one string along 2 pulleys? (So then the string is going upwards for 2 parts of the string, and downwards for 1 part of the string). Then is the tension along the whole string just T, or for 2 parts it is T, and the other part it is -T?
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    AS long as the same string is being used the tension force is the same
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