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Pulley systems and motor speed

  1. May 15, 2013 #1
    Hey everyone

    I am having problems with a pulley system. I think that my motor is too fast now I am not sure if that can affect the pulley system and actually result in it not rotating the belt on the pulley.
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    I just took a look at the site you gave me. It does not really have information that I require.

    I don't want to operate the pulley system manually, it will be controlled by a motor which is controlled by a PLC signal on whether to switch on or off. The belt is not really slippery, just that the motor is too fast and somehow it results in the pulley not being able to rotate with the belt.
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    He's not saying that operating the pulley system manually is a good solution, but it will help diagnose why your motor isn't turning it (maybe there's something stopping the thing somewhere in the line).

    How fast is your motor spinning? What's the setup? That is, how does the motor connect to the pulley system?
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    Get a pulley of smaller diameter and mount it on the motor shaft. Try belting this pulley with your pulley. We have calculations for all these things. Try considering: http://mechteacher.com/flat-belt-design/
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    Varadha hit the nail on the head. If really need to slow the driven belt down even more, then do two things. Make the driver pulley small, like Varadha said, and make the driven pulley extra large. Maybe a 5:1 or even 10:1 ratio. This way the small driver pulley will turn 5 or 10 times, but the large driven pulley will only turn once.

    This all assumes you already checked for pulley mis-alignment, shaky mounts, under/over tightened belt, wrong belt for pulley groove (seen that one a lot).
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