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Pulse jet gocart

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    Can anyone tell me where i might find plans for a valve less
    pulse jet engine, with a thrust of about 80 to 100lbs, i want
    to use it to power a novel gocart. i want to use gas as the
    fuel if possible.
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    Hehehe, this sounds sweet!
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    Plans for a 75 lb thrust do it yourself engine.

    Do it yourself Pulsejet

    Your idea sounds really cool.
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    After watching the Junkyards Wars episode where they built one of these and reading online I thought this was a dangerous enough concept. But with gasoline instead of propane so now you need to atomize the fuel properly to add yet another level of complexity - wow. You sir, are one ambitious guy. I would take the lazy way out and get a salvage motorcycle motor and call it a day. :smile:

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    Thanks everyone,
    I plan to start with one engine, but if that is to slow i may use two, bolted
    to a stock kart, and hopefully kick up a rumpus at the local drag strip.
    any one have fire proof overalls spare?
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