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Pulsed Detonation Evaluation

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    What Would Be The Most Appropriate Means For Evaluating The Performance Of A 'pulsed Detonation' Engine Using Hydrogen As A Fuel And Atmospheric Air?
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    Far more detail required; if by 'pulsed detonation' you mean a standard 4-cycle engine, then the equations involved for a gasoline motor apply.
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    This post probably belongs in "Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering" forum.

    Basically, if it is just a calorimetic evaluation, some type of calorimeter - something like:

    http://web.umr.edu/~gbert/animation.html [Broken]

    Otherwise, one would want to use something with a geometry similar to the intended end use. One could conceivably use a hypersonic shock tube, e.g.



    Depending on the mass involved and energy released, one should be doing this in a very secure laboratory. H2 and O2 can be a very explosive combination.
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    Astronuc and Danger:

    Thank you for answering .Astronuc....since this is my very first thread I'll take your advice and repost it over there...
    Danger..I'm moving the request over to the Mechanical engineering forum and I'll pick the ball up there...thankyou...by the is there a way to post pics of these things?
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    Go to http://www.imageshack.ws/?cookie=add2a60979fffcf0ba9ca213fcbced44 and click on 'browse'. It'll open a file menu so you can find the picture on your computer. When you've selected the one you want, the file name will show up in the window beside the 'browse' button. Scroll down and click 'Host It'. Then just pick the address that's appropriate for where you want to show it. I use the middle one, and found that an image size of 300x300 comes out about right for fitting on the screen in full view mode.
    In your post, click the little yellow square and copy the image address after the IMG in brackets. The click it again to close it out with /IMG.
    Moonbear just showed me how to do this last week. She told me another way using the 'attachments' feature, but I've never tried it.
    Good luck with it, and with your project.
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    thank you danger
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    I guess this will depend on what you intend to do with the engine. A standard evaluation we look at parameters such as thrust and specific fuel consumption as the two top hitters. It will all depend on what you deem as important in your engine. Is max thrust output your goal? What about fuel usage? Or are you more concerned with thermal and mechanical efficiencies.

    The analysis can go on for as long as you want it to. You need to define what you think is important.
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