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Pulsed Power Supply -> Kinetic to Magnetic Energy

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    Can anyone give me some feedback on my understanding of this proposed experiment?

    The device consists of 2 wound solenoids, each forming a closed loop.
    One solenoid is slightly smaller as to be able to fit inside of the outer solenoid.

    The smaller solenoid is accelerated by compressed air / gravity/ etc and allowed to fire through the outer solenoid.

    If both solenoids we under the influence of a weak magnetic field, would the kinetic energy of the fired solenoid turn into magnetic potential energy stored in the generated magnetic field of the solenoids and provide a braking effect. I'm sure this would be the case if the projectile was a permanent magnet ( aka linear generator ), but I am not if it would work the same with 2 solenoids.

    Also, could the outer solenoid then be used as a high current pulsed power supply, similar to a large capacitor, but using kinetic energy as input?
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