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I Pump probe spectroscopy

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    Hello there !

    I am looking for a brief description of a pump probe technique. I am rather new to this subject, so I am interesting in such a good introductory articles or books. Your own explanations are always welcome ;)
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    No sub here ;)
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    Since you seem to be interested in free articles, why not give google a try? I just try typing "pump-probe spectroscopy" and I got some things that you may be interested in. As for books, I only know "Laser Spectroscopy Volume 2" by Demtroeder. This book specializes in exploring various experimental techniques using lasers, some of which involve time-resolved techniques. Chapter 6 might be what you are looking for.
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    Any ideas how these methods can be applied to study NCs?
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    If you tell me what an NC is, maybe.
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    NCs mean Nanocrystals in that case
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    Rebound, I think that the most used pomp and probe method to study NCs is Transient-absorption spectroscopy, but I am not quite sure. Could anybody verify this, and maybe know any other methods?
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