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Homework Help: Pumpkin toss

  1. Sep 24, 2009 #1
    1. A pumpkin is launched into a window. There is a hedge that is 8m high and 10m from the window. THe window is 1m in height and 1 m from the ground. THe pumpkin is .75m from the ground at initial position.
    a) Find the initial launch angle and velocity to clear the hedge and make it into the window.
    b) Find the distance from the window needed.

    2. x=Vot

    y= Vot+(1/2)gt^2

    Vox = Vo(cos(angle))
    Voy = Vo(sin(angle))

    Vf= Vo+at

    3. I tried to solve it backwards...cuz only the height and distance is given. However i could not attempt any of these equations since either time, velocity, or acceleration is needed.

    I also attempted to break it up into parts and figure the time it hits the hedge at the top from the window side...still not working.

    Am i missing a key equation or is there some other info that i needed to obtain first? I know that ax = 0
    ay = -g
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