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Pumpless Coolant system

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    Hey All,

    Is there a cooling system similar to your car's radiator coolant system that does require a fluid pump?

    I am looking for a simple system that will behave similar to such a system, but the difference in heat ( or resulting pressure) from hot source to cold area (which would be chilled used a radiator like structure and fan) would drive the fluid flow. The temperature difference we are looking at his about 100C to room temp.

    Thanks for any help or advice
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    Do you mean
    If yes, sure there are. Have you heard of thermo compression?? Try reading something about a vapor absorption cycle.
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    What you are looking for is natural circulation.
    It's caused by temperature differential and is used in nuclear power plants among other things. The key to natural circulation is the heat source is low, the heat sink is high, and the pipes connecting the two are large and smooth with few restrictions.
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    Heat pipes are efficient fluid cooling systems that make use of vapor phase change of the coolant rather than a pump. They have gained quite a bit of popularity in the electronics cooling industry.

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    Natural circulation works on the difference in density between hot and cold liquids or liquid and vapor, i.e. it requires a difference in head (differential pressure). Natural circulation is proposed in the ESBWR rather than pumps, but the system still uses feedwater pumps.

    Heat pipes are another example of pumpless heat transfer via a working fluid.

    A lot will depend on the amount of heat and rate of heat transfer, and the size of the system.

    Pumps are usually necessary for forced convection.
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    Hey guys thanks!!! this is exactly what I am looking for
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