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News Punishment or Prevention?

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    You know the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well, I've been thinking about that today, in light of some reading on issues such as crime and education, and I got to wondering. Why is it that we are so eager to look for blame, when what we really need to do is figure out the root causes? Isn't testing and failing kids besides the point and way past the point where it can help? Isn't drug treatment going to be a better deterent for drug-related crime than incarceration and no treatment?

    I honestly think part of it is simple politics. You can't stop current crime with preventative measures, and you sure can't campaign on the platform of 'We'll see positive results in 5 years, when these 13 year olds graduate high school'. People want to see results NOW, even if the results are misleading, simply because it makes them feel like something is being done.
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    Humans. Kill 'em All.

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    Re: Re: Punishment or Prevention?

    Well, that was just a little more prevention than I had in mind...
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