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  1. Hi, I got accepted to Purdue and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, both in Electrical Engineering. Now it it would be time to decide which one to pick, and I have some trouble doing that. I mean I'm mostly interested in studying Power Engineering and maybe minor in physics. So I would like to ask if anyone here can help me out and give some suggestions, because I'm stuck and unable to decide.
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  3. have you considered which city you would prefer to live in?
  4. I didn't visit any of the two cities so I cannot make a judgment on that, but in any case academics is what I'm primarly interested in.
  5. Why do you want to study power engineering? I hate to rain on your parade, but the work is boring, and there isn't much opportunity in power. Most of the power engineering students end up working in electronics. You might as well study electronics.
  6. Well, both schools are great academically. You wouldn't go wrong with either choice. However, the city the school is located and the feel of the school itself are both very important factors. You need to visit both schools to make a good decision.
  7. Well my problem with electronics is that the stuff you do is small and you don't see much, while the power engineering is a lot about the generators, and power plants, and big stuff. I think it is fair to say that I'm more interested in the physics of electricism and electromagnetism, but I don't want to find myself not being able to get PhD. in Physics and end up just with a undergradueate degree. So engineering comes like a back up. To secure myself in a financial way, and if I do well in college I can continue on with education, if I do bad at least I got engineering degree and can make a very nice living.
  8. Yeah, I will visit both of them by the May 1.
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    I visited these two schools and I just liked the feel of Illinois better. That and it's in-state so it was a lot cheaper than Purdue for virtually the same education. If you have any questions about Illinois feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can answer them.
  10. I live in Champaign-Urbana and I love the place. The U of I has a great engineering school, I believe it's ranked as one of the best in the US. If you have any questions about Champaign or Urbana, feel free to ask.
  11. I also live in Champaign, and honestly, I don't like the place. At all. Though its engineering department is excellent, the school as a whole is very much centered around drinking, and the atmosphere reflects that.
  12. What are you talking about? There isn't more drinking at the U of I than there is at any other university. Plus there's only like 2 good bars. Topic creator, don't pay any attention to this post. There isn't an abnormal amount of drinking there and the atmosphere is just fine.
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    The school is not centered around drinking at all. I mean you make it seem like people drink in class. The school part of it is completely separate from the drinking/parties.

    Again I don't see why it makes a difference. If you want to go out drinking you have that option. If not there are plenty of other people with whom you can do something besides getting wasted.
  14. Should I mention Unofficial?

    You have your opinion, I have mine. I admit, I don't exactly know how much partying goes on at other schools. However, Illinois often lands on the top party school rankings, and I would assume that that is pretty objective.
  15. Maybe you should visit other schools and realize that Illinois drinking is just like other universities.
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    Ok well I'll give you that one day.

    I'm just saying that it gives you options. If you go to a "party" school you have the choice of partying or not. If you go to a "boring" school then you have limited options. Plus like chainsaw said Illinois isn't a lot different from other schools.
  17. Yeah, Unofficial definitely did heavily involve lots of drinking, but that was one day.

    Even if UI was a huge party school(which it isn't), YOU don't have to party or drink. That would only affect the students, not the professors or the quality of your education.
  18. Ok, I see your point.
  19. Well, a just got into the University of Chicago, so I have some decisions to make. I'm still the closest to Illinois, because it has engineering and from what I hear here it is a nice school (I'm Serb so drinking part is a big plus in my world), but you know Fermi Lab and 26 Nober Prize Winners are big things to consider when making a choice. However the problem is paying for college. Can you all give me some information on their financial aid (I'm in North Carolina so I gotta pay like $33,000 a year). At Chicago they promise to meet 100% of demonstrated need. Does Illinois make sure financial aspect doesen't keep you out? Do I get instate status after first year?
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    The in-state status is a tricky thing.

    I asked about it when I visited Purdue and they gave a list of requirements that you have to meet to be considered to be "in-state". If I remember correctly you couldn't live on campus and you had to work for x hours a week.

    Obviously these criteria differ from state to state so I would contact the university directly or check to see if it's listed on their website.
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    You can't live on campus and have to work for x hours a week to be considered "in-state"? Are you sure they didn't mean independent?
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