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Pure chaos

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    Are there any systems that we know of that operate in a purely chaotic, none deterministic manner? I mean in an absolute sense, as opposed to "more chaotic than...".

    I have two other criteria that I'd like to apply;

    1.) systems that we don't suspect may be being determined by something we're in the process of researching. (noise in electronics appears chaotic until you know about ionisation currents, crystal boundries, crystal defects etc).

    2.) it can't be a system that merely appears random due to canonically conjoined variables making it impossible to produce an ultimate measurement (e.g. particle momentum & location). such systems aren't necessarily operating in a purely chaotic way, the uncertainty can only be directly linked to measuring error - indeed, in the example given, there are quite a lot of factors we could use to predict momentums and locations. In a purely chaotic system, no predictive factors will exist for it's future.
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    Well chaotic != random.

    But if I have an electron in a momentum eigenstate a position meassurement is purely random, not due to meassurement error but due to the fundamental nature of QM.
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