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Pure/mixed state

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    I read the following statement somewhere:

    "... we study the entaglement of the ground state and the mixed state at finite temperatures ..."

    Does this mean that the ground state of a system is always pure? :confused:

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    Any state that can be represented by a vector in the Hilbert space (e.g., any solution of the stationary Schroedinger equation, including the ground state solution) is a pure quantum state.

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    Mixed state are important when you study statistical properties of a system. I.e. the density matrix describes the property of an ensemble (which is why the . Hence, a mixed state does not describe a "proper" state as such.
    You can also get what is sometimes known as an "improper" mixture if you study a specific subsystem of a composite system by tracing out all other degrees of freedom.
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    Double post
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