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Homework Help: Pure silicon and thermometers

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    Its been a rough week I have posted 3 times.

    A digital thermometer uses pure silicon thermistor as its sensing element. When it is used to measure the temp of a sick child the element drops to 99.06% of its normal value at standard body temp of 37 degrees. What is the temp of the sick child?
    What formula do I use R=R{original}[1+(rho)*temp change] But where do I plug in this percentage?
    I don't get it?
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    It would be easier to help you if you defined all of the terms in your post.

    Assuming that you are looking for change in R the percentage change would be:

    [tex]\frac {R_O - R} {R_0} [/tex]

    So what is the rho?

    Edit: LaTex error.
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