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Purpose of diodes

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    From what ive gathered a diode is used to make the current flow in one direction but block the flow in the other direction. Does that mean diodes are only used in AC circuits since a DC circuit only flows one way anyway?
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    Diodes are used extensively in AC and DC circuits. In DC, current will flow in a diode from if you hook up the positive battery terminal to anode of the diode and the cathode to negative terminal of the battery. Diode will almost act like a wire. But if you reverse the anode with cathode current will not flow.
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    It may indeed seem, at first, that diodes may not have any applications in dc. But by itself it doesnt offer much, but if you correctly hook them up to components, you get interesting circuits.

    http://www.educypedia.be/electronics/analogdiode.htm [Broken]
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    Diodes have an enormous number of applications:

    Temperature Sensing
    Signal demodulation
    Radio receiver
    Light sensor
    Light emitter
    Random noise generator

    There are probably more than I'm forgetting.

    - Warren
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