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Purpose Of Mountains

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    Do the mountains have any purpose of Earth's functioning, such as keeping the Earth stable in any sort of way?

    I'm open to hear any facts (from sources), theories, and explanations.
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    Welcome, Mainul Islam.

    I think the question is more philosophical, on the edge of metaphysical. Is there anything in nature with a purpose? Has the moon a purpose. Let's say that the moon is a very convenient thing to have, keeping the Earth spin axis rather stable. But is that a purpose or a happy coincidence?

    Mountains are the result of plate tectonics which in turn is very convenient as well, otherwise the world would have had a a perfect geode form with no elevation difference anywhere with some 3000 meters of ocean depth covering everything, execpt perhaps an odd hot spot volcano. But does plate tectonics have a purpose?
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    this thread will only bring speculation.
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