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Purpose of this forum

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    Another purpose of this forum is to learn about Special & General Relativity by my posts I have learnt a lot about this topic. I find it impossible to learn about a topic wihtout asking questions by way of example or challengin an answer.

    If I am breaching the rules of this forum by learning through this method then by all means kick me off. If you do kick me off I would be happy to go as obviosuly freedom of speech is not encouraged here which I beleiev breaches severl US statutes and the US consitiution, and this forum is really just a dictatorship "accept what I say or go"

    You will note in all my posts I have never said the post was my theory I simply post an example and ask if my analysis is wrong. People on this forum are completly at liberty to reply or ignore so if you think my posts are wasting your time fine dont reply, dont even read them
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    It would help if you just asked questions about what would happen in a given scenario rather than present your own suggested answers which contradict SR.
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    When you say something like:

    .. this is NOT a sign of somebody who wants to learn. You have ALREADY made up your mind about this. So don't look as if you're the innocent party here.

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    By the way, this argument comes up again and again, so I want to make this clear: the US constitutional right to free speech doesn't apply here, because this is a privately owned service. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, just like any other privately owned establishment. Your argument is a red herring.

    - Warren
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    Reminds me of something mentioned by Epictetus - "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows". Or perhaps in this case, "it is impossible to learn if one thinks one already knows."
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