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Pursuing a M Sc. Physics or a M Sc. Chemistry

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  1. Apr 10, 2010 #1
    I know this is a weird question to ask in this forum, but this is a big question for me.
    I'm currently in my last semester on electrical engineering and physics, so I'll graduate from both, later this year.

    After that I have decided to stay in my country (Costa Rica, Central America) to do a Master degree in order to get a better resume so that I can get a better research program since third world universities are not that recognized, even thought my country has a fairly good science program, a much better chemistry than physics (in graduate shool terms).

    I'm not sure about what course to follow since what I want to specialize in nanotechnology, since now there are courses just in this area and not as part of a separate department.

    Nanotechnology or well the so called nanoscience is extremely interdisciplinary, so I believe that being an electrical engineer and a physicist I'll be able to have broad spectrum in the field but if I undergo a M Sc. in Chemistry I'll have an even broader one.

    My major concern resides in that my local physics department is not as good as the chemistry one so I'll have a better research opportunity to do well in chemistry that in physics, also in physics I'll continue to learn topics that I'll saw before, obviously in a more profound way but in either way topics already studied. Instead in chemistry I would start to know about Analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry topics I know nothing about.

    So I think that maybe I'll learn more in chemistry and also become a better scientist by broadening my knowledge, but leaving physics makes me feel weird.

    Thank you for reading and for your post
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