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Pursuing long term relationships when moving away?

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    This is one of those things (too many of them) that I have been thinking about...

    Ever since I school I have always wanted to move to some other country that is more populous, and eventful. At the same time I have been trying to form relationships.
    I feel like it is probably inappropriate to pursue for serious, long term relationships (not really interested in those short term messing around type of stuff) when I will be jumping on a plane taking me thousands of km's away at the first chance I got.

    I have seen people trying to maintain long distance relationships with varying degrees of success, but more often than not they end messily.

    What are other people's opinion on this?
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    Pursuing a long-distance relationship is not impossible, but it's best not to pursue it in my opinion. I believe that the romantic relationship we have is a preparation for marriage. The purpose of having boyfriend/girlfriend is to really get to know them so that adjustments during marriage will be a lot easier. But with a long-distance relationships, there's a chance that we might not really get to know the person deeply. And that spells disaster during marriage. But some people do well since they have had good foundation in their relationship before being separated geographically. Ultimately, it depends on you two--how you will handle it.
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    Amor de lejos, amor de pendejos.

    Long distance love is a fool's love.

    Just do what you want where you are. Do what makes you happy, when you want.

    Before I left my country, I found a number of girls who were very turned on by hearing my travel plans. You auto-select against girls who want a long-term relationship, and for girls who are OK with flings.

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