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Pursuing More Physics and Math

  1. Dec 16, 2014 #1
    Hey, so this is my situation. I'm a senior at high school and I have already taken all three AP Physics exams which I did well on. I also did well on the Calculus BC exam too. However, Physics and Math are still my favorite subject and I don't know how I should continue learning about it. My school does not offer any advanced physics class and I already took AP calculus at our school. So pretty much I'm asking is if you guys have any recommended books for physics and/or math that I should studying on my own time.
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    You might consider an "introductory modern physics" textbook like the ones I mention in the post linked below. Many college/university students take such a course right after their "freshman physics" course which the AP courses are supposed to be like.

    Best way to tackle modern physics with engineering background
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    Ok thanks! I will definitely check it out. One more thing. Since the textbook is supposed to be used in classroom setting, will the textbook be hard to self study with?
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