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Homework Help: Pushing against fabric vs wall

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    If a piece of fabric was stretched out, and I pushed my finger into the fabric with a force of 5N, the fabric will push back the 5N because of its potential energy. correct?

    So what if I did the the same thing and pushed my finger agaist a wall? The wall doesnt stretch but it still pushs back with 5N. How does it know to puch back 5N on my finger?
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    hmm, seems to me that if it didnt push back at 5 N it would either throw you back or you would break the wall.
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    hahaha, I never knew I was that strong. Why does the fabric have to stretch to produce the 5N?
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    Doc Al

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    I assume you are asking: What is going on with the fabric that allows it to push with 5N of force? When you push the fabric, you are stretching the molecular bonds--like little springs--which resist that distortion.

    Ah, but the wall compresses. When you push on the wall, you are compressing those molecular "springs" that constitute the surface of the wall.
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    Pretend it's a horizontal spring on a table. If you push on it (horizontally) with a constant force, it will be compressed, but eventually it will push back with enough force to keep your hand in equilibrium. This is because [itex]F_{spring}=-kx[/itex], where x is displacement from equilibrium position. I believe the fabric works the same.
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