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Pushing/anti pulling muscles

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    ok so i need a bit of help

    ok i'm not sure what i have but to describe it: It is in my lower back. It doesn't hurt when i don't use my back, doesn't hurt too much when i run. When it hurts it's a sharp stining pain. Do these sypmtoms sound like a pulled muscle or a strained muscle. What are the best ways to recover from muscle pain? I've messaged it with deep heat and arnica oil. I've put a heat wrap on it aswell. The reason I've doen those things is that when I've strained my neck muscle they have worked. By the way i know time is probably the best solution however I'm looking for any other tips or things i could do to speed up the process


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    Might be a trapped nerve if its sharp and stinging. But go and see a doctor if it persists as nobody here can diagnose you.
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    That's what my brother thought. But i was wondering if anyone knew any good ways of helping to get rid of the pain
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    Hi Muddy! :smile:

    Neck … lower back … looks like the same problem with different symptoms.

    Go to a chiropractor (or osteopath) … they know a lot more about the spine than your doctor does. :smile:
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