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News Putin - media darling?

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    Given Putin's track-record, how is it that he has escaped media attention and international outcry? While the details of the violence in Chechnya have been abundant in the news, very little opposition to it has been voiced.
    Has the international community ceased to be interested in the oppression of a Muslim population for oil?
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    No takers?

    Given the lack of interest in this thread, I can only assume that:

    a) No one cares about the suffering in Chechnya


    b) Everyone is too busy doing their PhD thesis entitled "The USA: The 4th Reich?"

    or some combination of both
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    Unfortunately for the Chechan separatists they lost all public support and sympathy following their massacre of hundreds of school children.
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    In many ways, that school bombing could have been the best thing that happened to Russia, since the blood stains on their hands suddenly seemed to solvate.

    It was stupid for the Chechans to have done that, yet I can understand they're feeling victimized when the rest of the world doesn't seem to raise the issue.
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