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Putnam, Maybe?

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    I will be a freshmen next fall and am interested in taking the Putnam, even if I won't do very well. Can someone suggest a good book I can begin working out of now so I can prepare?

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    didn't you start a thread like this or reply in one?
    anyways i already stated a book in that thread. Author Larson
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    Ahh ok thanks. I haven't been keeping up with that thread so I guess I missed it.

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    the putnam is very difficult exam, the problems are very motivating for the motivated math enthuisists though. All the years can be found at kalva demon as well as on american math competition site.
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    Good Putnam level book

    Problems and Theorems in Analysis by G. P[itex]\dot{o}[/itex]lya and G. Szeg[itex]\ddot{o}[/itex], volumes I and II
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