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Puzzles of angular acceleration

  1. Dec 12, 2003 #1
    At the time, it is cramped in the microcosmos of forum Theory Development; therefore I scrambled out to take the fresh air among the admirers of cosmic space.
    I have the important occasion to talk about gravitation and inertia.
    I managed to find the formula for gravitational electron mass in units of angular acceleration
    [tex]M_e=\frac{g_c}{\pi D_s}=\frac{2c^2}{\pi D^2_s}=1.463681837\times 10^{36}\ \ \frac{1}{s^2} [/tex]
    [tex]D_s=197.714\times 10^{-12}\ \ m[/tex] – the static diameter of hydrogen radial polytron (or approximate diameter of electron);
    [tex]g_c=\frac{2c^2}{D_s}[/tex] – the centripetal acceleration of ergoline in polytron (or the curvature of speed of light);
    This formula expresses the current state of real world.
    The Earth is rotate around own axis and around of the Sun.
    The solar system is rotate around of center of our Galaxy.
    Our Galaxy is rotate around of center of some other Supergalaxy, etc.
    Some of these systems can be rotating with accelerating; others can be rotating with slowing. The total of rotary accelerations influences the value of gravitation and mass in each point of space and time.
    Besides, all these systems vibrate – from cosmic objects until atoms and below.
    Atoms consist of vibrant energy rings - from polytrons.
    The vibration of polytrons creates in space the electrical and magnetic forces, which are indissolubly coupled with each other. Forces of vibration are spread in space with speed of light, interacting with polytrons in atoms and with free polytrons, and create the lively and active medium for everything, what can vibrate.
    In dinosaur's times the earth year and the earth day were shorter, therefore now we live in the phase of negative angular acceleration. We guess, that the electronegativity of the Earth is conditioned by her uniformly slowed gyration.
    The Earth is the huge gyroscope, which is charged by negative electricity. The gyration of electric charge generates some part of magnetic field of the Earth.
    In order to test quantitatively this supposition it is necessary go to the "magnetic" history of the Earth. During the existence the Earth, her magnetic poles had turned over some times. Not so large energy is necessary for turn over of poles of the Earth. In any case, it is significant smaller than it is necessary for rotational displacement of our earth gyroscope on 180 degrees. But if to assume, that at rotation of the solar system around of galactic center, we moving on an elliptic orbit, then the pattern becomes more–less actual.
    At moving of celestial body on an elliptic orbit the rotary acceleration of the body changes the sign four times for each turnover. The period of revolution of the solar system around of center of our Galaxy is approximately equal of 240 millions years. Therefore, the period of revolution of the magnetic field of the Earth should be equal of 60 millions years.
    The reality of the world, in which we live, is, that we are capable to feel and to meter with the help of instruments only three phenomena of the nature - space, time and force. The majority of other physical units of measurements should not be utilized in theoretical physics, because they bring in tangle to understanding of the existing theories and hamper development of new hypotheses.
    The research of physical and mathematical legitimacies of interaction between different objects of the surrounding world is extremely fascinating occupation. But we never should forget about the main duty for the researchers.
    This duty consists in the solution of secrets of the living substance.
    The equations of the electrical, magnetic and mechanical moments are designed specially to search for the laws of living substance in the mathematical form.
    More detailed information, how the reduced formula was obtained you will discover in my site
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/index.htm [Broken]
    in the works:
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/electricity_e.pdf [Broken]
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/magnetism_e.pdf [Broken]
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/inertia_e.pdf [Broken]
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/dipole of speed_e.pdf [Broken]
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    what is a "polytron"?
  4. Dec 12, 2003 #3
    The very fast way get to know " what is a "polytron"?" – to read first page of
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/pt_e2.pdf [Broken]
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    new theory?

    vlamir, it seems that the ideas you've posted here are not part of QM, GR, SR, or the Standard Model. I guess they are also not part of String Theory or LQG.

    Are you proposing a new theory?
  6. Jan 10, 2004 #5
    Any new theory is prolongation of the existing theories. If I had no some knowledge in the theories, listed by you, I wouldn't to develop and my theory.
    But I consider, if the theory is constructed on a great amount of postulates, then this theory is poor. Therefore I have applied a principle of exception of postulates and have utilized the laws by Newton, Maxwell, Planck and Einstein (but not Shrodinger, Heisenberg, etc.).
    In outcome the polytronic theory has only one postulate - ergoline.

    Recently "The Guardian" have published the information "Science breakthrough of the year: proof of our exploding universe" by Tim Radford (Friday December 19, 2003).
    Researches of the orbiting observatory WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) have shown, that the Universe is expanding with acceleration 71km per second per megaparsec.
    Probably, the reason of acceleration is conditioned with imbalance between a visible matter (4 %), dark matter (23 %) and dark energy (73 %).

    I would like to hope, that my formula for expression of gravitation through quadrate of time would help with solution of these puzzles.
  7. Jan 14, 2004 #6
    Can you draw please a picture which is described by your formula?
    Does it means what a mass of electron have constantly decreasing in inverse proportion to a square of time? From what moment necessary to count the time and in what units?
    In any case should be the compensation mechanism preventing disappearance of electron or atom.
    It seems to me, that application of frequency instead of time for expression of mass more close to a real picture. Especially as all properties of your "polythronic model" are defined by the frequency order m .
  8. Jan 14, 2004 #7
    The conservation laws should not be broken. The mass (energy) cannot disappear absolutely. It should be transformed to space-time and vice versa, including and quadrate of frequency.

    When in XX century was ascertained, that the mass is equivalent to energy, then the scientists should reflect on what units of measurements to use as base.
    I consider, that the transition from the system Length-Force-Time to the system Length-Mass-Time was fallacious. It is quite possible, that the further researches of dark matter and dark energy will make us completely to refuse of formalism "mass".
    In the polytronic theory it is already made.
    According to energy postulate, the ergoline should display and combine all three base essences of the nature - space, forces and time.
    Besides, the ergoline is an actual subject, which creates in space and in time phenomena of material objects and different radiations.
    We exist in the world of unmovable space and movable time.
    The Einstein's relativity theory admits also world of movable space and unmovable time.
    Outgoing from this, I want to offer for arguing the following hypothesis.
    1) The ergoline is the boundary phase state between space and time.
    I.e. the ergoline is visible matter-energy (4 %).
    2) The space is dark matter (23 %).
    3) The time is dark energy (73 %).
    4) (infinity of space)/(infinity of time) = speed of light

    How you remember, in Physics Forums 2.0 we tried to consider topic " What is ergoline? ".
    Let's try to solve this task once again.
  9. Jan 17, 2004 #8
    I disagree with a both three-component systems. They are superfluous. All should be constructed on the basis of one essence.
  10. Jan 26, 2004 #9
    I cannot imagine the mathematics of one essence.
    The official paradigm, as it is well known, is built on three-dimensional space and on one-dimensional invariable time. The Authors of all new theories are attempting to sketch out time in coordinates of space, i.e. in coordinates of one essence. As a result, in each event we fall into the dead-end mathematical situation.
    In my opinion, it is necessary to develop two interconnected hypothesises:
    First hypothesis must expect existence of more than one essence and research them by means of mathematics.
    Second hypothesis must expect existence of one essence, but for the study of this essence it is necessary, except mathematics, use other forms of cognitions. For instance, methods of penetration into decelerated or into accelerated time.
    For the development of both hypothesises it is necessary to find the starting point on the scale of frequencies.
    I consider, this point must be the frequency of relic radiation of Universe.
    It is necessary carefully to measure in cosmos the intensity of spectral lines for hydrogen and helium within the range from 7 until 8 cm.
    Regrettably, I did not find exact experimental data.
    On the scale of frequencies situated also other interesting spots. There are Compton’s frequency for electron and frequency of ionizing of hydrogen atom.
    Above of frequency of ionizing of hydrogen atom (between frequency orders m=2 and m=1) is located the area, where well are seen corpuscular characteristic of radiation.
    Possible, this is the area of gamma-quantums, i.e. already not photons, but not yet particles.
    Above of frequency order m=1 is located the area of splinters of certain essence, about which we much little know.
    In the physics are exist notions “electronogram” and “diffractogram”. This is photography of crystals in the form of spots from flows of electrons and photons. I consider, that it is necessary to use two notions “photonogram” and “gammagram” instead of one notion “diffractogram”. Comparison of such photographies can give much important information about the structure of atoms and, consequently, about the structure of main essence.
    I shall develop this mathematics in “BINARY LAW of BACKGROUND RADIATION”.
  11. Jan 30, 2004 #10
    I do not think it is necessary to search for mathematics before the general picture will appear in the completed kind. I think, that one essence on which all is constructed it is a PHOTON. Time, energy, space, mass and all fundamental forces are display of its mysterious properties. And all these NOT INVESTIGATED phenomena just a consequence of frequency of one photon and various combinations of photons.
    The new periodic system of elements, for example, constructed on a frequency principle will be the convincing proof of this concept.
  12. Feb 10, 2004 #11
    Each of us goes in own way, which for him is represented as the most true.
    But true is only one. Therefore, our general task consists in, don’t lose sight of reference points on different ways to this true.
    As example, I shall refer to Daniel Andreev. This deeply religious person was the writer and the thinker. He died from illnesses after Stalin’s gulag in 1959.
    Daniel Andreev was not the physicist. He studied various religions and philosophies.
    But in his works Daniel Andreev speaks, that in the region of the Earth the time has from 236 up to 240 measurements.
    How he discovered this number?
    I try to construct the general picture with the help of mathematics. Therefore for me, each number and each formula are fragments of this picture.
    Anri Poincare has told concerning the general picture of the world:
    "It is elements, which one harmonically are arranged in such manner, that the mind without efforts can envelop them bodily, guessing parts."
    Photons tell to us about structure, both the Universe, and atoms.
    I agree with you, that we badly listen, about what speak photons.
  13. Feb 10, 2004 #12
    I respect your attempts at finding of the true laws of our world. Also, I wish you success on this way.
  14. Feb 12, 2004 #13
    Coming back to a thread, I would like to make the following addition.
    Angular acceleration is consequence of rotation. I see the reason of rotation of all objects in operation of Time. Owing to definition of Time as the fourth dimension, it should be at 90 degree to the rest three. It is shown as angular momentum and leads to rotation of 3-d objects . Angular speed (acceleration) has inverse dependence from of object’s mass.
    Therefore particles have the maximal speed of rotation, and the universe, as object, has minimal one.
  15. Feb 13, 2004 #14
    I have tread on this rake many times.
    As I already spoke, the time cannot be represented with the help of coordinates of space.
    Our brain is arranged in such a manner, that parameters of time are located somewhere in depth of subconsciousness.
    Some people (extremely rare) have ability (the seventh feeling) to perceive these parameters.
    But they cannot explain own phenomenon with the help of habitual for us images.
    It just also is the proof of my words.
    Let's approach to research of this question on the other hand. Let's consider concept of absolute zero of temperature by the example of resonance oscillations of polytrones.

    The concept of absolute temperature was entered by lord Kelvin (1848) on the basis of theorem by Carno, according to which all convertible thermal machines, where a working body makes circular process between a heater and a refrigerator, have identical efficiency, irrespective of the nature of a working body.
    The absolute zero of temperature has clear physical sense as temperature of a refrigerator in cycle of Carno, at which the efficiency of the thermal machine is equal 1.
    The body, which has zero temperature, is not capable to transfer heat to any other body.

    Thus, the concept of temperature concerns only very narrow area of visible energy and at all does not take into account neither dark mass, nor dark energy.
    But in fact, neither the one, nor the other does not disappear at absolute zero.

    As you can see, I do not use temperature in the polytronic equations.
    I use amplitude of resonance oscillations, i.e. parameter of space. And, I not for a while yet did not consider oscillations of axial polytrones, because these oscillations cannot be registered with measure devices directly.
    The amplitude of axial oscillations can be calculated, if the mass and the sizes of a particle are measured. But how to measure the sizes of invisible particle?
    Let's assume, that it is possible to reach the absolute zero of temperature. In this case, the frequency of oscillations formally should be is equal to infinity.
    The amplitude of oscillations should be equal to zero, besides formally.
    Product of the square of frequency by the square of amplitude characterizes energy of particle.
    The axial polytrone has constant internal energy in all a range of frequencies, but this energy is invisible.
    Square of Infinity frequency õ Square of the Zero amplitude = Constant
    At temperature of a deep cold vital processes in a microcosms are slowed down, but do not result in death. This phenomenon can be considered, as delay of time.
    Though actually only the amplitude of processes have decrease, i.e. parameter of space. Frequency of processes, i.e. parameter of time, on the contrary, grows.
    The formula, which is given in the beginning of this topic, shows, that the mass is inversely proportional to a square of time.
    If I shall ask you, what is square meter – I shall receive a good explanation.
    If I shall ask you, what is square hour – I shall not receive an explanation.
    By the way, the square hour is one of parameters of angular acceleration.
    I would not like to explain in third time the units of two kinds of energy – N*m and N*s.
    I know, you attentively read my topics in PF2 and in PF3.
  16. Feb 20, 2004 #15
    The Time can be submitted as a change of something, including the spaces.
    Except of that, this a body disappears from our reality. It can’t nor to radiate nor to absorb anything (quanta or wave). Such the thing can’t exist. Absoluteness is not achievable under any conditions. It is infinite process.

    It seems to me, this is not such simple question because we have no the authentic answer “what the Space is? “. I am not confident a lines in the space are really straight lines. The geometry of space is nonlinear.

    The square of Time is present in the other relations connected with mass too.
    For example :
    E= mc^2
    E= 1/2 mv^2
    It would be more logical, if the mass is connected to gravity. I accept a Gravity, which is absolute, and the Absolute Time as one phenomenon.
  17. Feb 27, 2004 #16
    Searches of the center of Big Band and, accordingly, the center of the universe are unsuccessful.
    In the parallel world, where the time is motionless, similar searches also will be unsuccessful.
    However, if we shall unite these two worlds, then, may be, we shall find a required point.
    It is not a point in space. It, also, is not a point in time.
    Most likely, it is a point in that complex measurement, which we accept for a speed. But the problem is, that we can observe only one side of speed.
    I have decided to give more time, for more utilitarian problems. Last work is devoted to hydrogen and heavy hydrogen. Anyway, this task is directly connected with structure of space.
    I hope, that in due course, it will be possible to give a logical explanation to interactions between organic molecules through interchange by portions of frequencies and amplitudes.

    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/H_&_D_e.pdf [Broken]
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  18. Mar 4, 2004 #17
    I hope, after popular story about geometry of hydrogen, I will manage to explain own point of view about a birth and destructions of black holes.
    These processes concern to area of nonlinear thermodynamics and they proceed at extreme speeds, pressures and temperatures. The theoretical physics for the present has no satisfactory mathematics for the description of similar processes.
    Therefore, here I shall be compelled to use, a so-called, general picture.
    In the general picture of our universe hydrogen has only one stable isotope – protium H. Other three isotopes (deuterium D, tritium T, and quartium Q) are not stable. Probably, deuterium has very big half-life period, which it is impossible to measure in terrestrial conditions. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain so small percentage of this isotope – 0.015 %. Disintegration of atoms of quartium can occur with three ways: quartium=4protium, quartium=2deuterium, and quartium=protium+ tritium.
    It is extending explosion.
    The nature shows for us infinite amount of phenomena of symmetry and antisymmetry. It is not only phenomena of particle-antiparticle. It is also proceeding of processes in direct and inverse direction. Besides, the pair x and 1/x concerns to phenomena of symmetry-antisymmetry also.
    Hence, concerning hydrogen we should not exclude an opportunity of formation of quartium from protium due to absorption of energy and gobbling other particles.
    I have in view not only process of “thermonuclear pressing-in” isotopes each into other.
    I also have in view process of transition of axial polytrones of protium to a mode of anomalous oscillations. For occurrence of this process change of parameters of space - time is required. In this case simple hydrogen will stop any radiation and will be predisposed only for absorption of energy.
    It is, so-called, vacuum explosion, or a black hole.
    After that, in depths of a black hole the critical mass of quartium will be collect, inverse process, i.e. extending explosion will begin.
  19. Mar 12, 2004 #18
    And a little more about black holes and new stars. http://vlamir.nsk.ru/He_&_H_e.pdf [Broken]
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  20. Apr 22, 2004 #19
    After ten years in GULAG, the Russian physicist Nikolay Aleksandrovich Kozyrev worked in Pulkovo observatory. Just there he had carried out and had explained the experiences about the cause and effect links between time and physical properties of substance.
    According to hypothesis by Kozyrev, liberation and absorption of time occurs only at nonlinear thermodynamic processes. Stars are the best objects for research of these processes. Hence, with the help of a telescope and a gyroscope it will be possible to find out the connection between change of the mass-energy of a star and change of the mass-energy of a rotating gyroscope.
    For checking of this hypothesis, the telescope has been directed on one of the nearest stars. Accordingly, the image of the star has been directed on the gyroscope, which has been suspended to one beam of very exact lever balance. After equilibration of the gyroscope, the telescope objective has been closed by sheet of thin metal foil. The weight of the gyroscope has changed. Then, the telescope objective has been closed by other sheets of different thickness and from various materials. Experience has shown, that the more thickness of a sheet, the less changes of the weight of gyroscope.
    The conclusion from results of this experience the following – between the far star and the rotating gyroscope exists the force line, which can be shielded by a sheet from any material. Force lines of gravitation or magnetic fields to cause such effect are not capable. Other physical factors are unknown for scientists.
    Hence, the time can apply for a role of the originator of mysterious force only.
    Now I want to continue my thread and to show, that model of atom as composition from microscopic gyroscopes, inside which a certain energetic substance is revolving with prodigious speed, can explain the above phenomenon.
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/Li_&_H_&_O_e.pdf [Broken]
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/B_&_N_&_O_e.pdf [Broken]
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  21. Apr 29, 2004 #20
    Before to continue the analysis of experiences by N.A.Kozyrev, I would like to make the reference to our last work about a structure of atoms. In this work it is shown, as on electronic microphoto of crystal of diamond it is possible to decipher the geometrical form of atom and molecule of carbon and to find out active energy zones on their surface.
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/Be_&_C_e.pdf [Broken]

    Somehow or other, but between atoms and between stars the same forces operate, and, probably, the mechanism of transfer of these forces the stars keep inside of atoms.
    Recently I has re-read previous topics in PF2 and PF3. As time quickly flies!
    At the end of 2002, I and Michael F. Dmitriyev tried to develop in Theory Delelopment the topic “What is ergoline? ”. I hoped, that discussion about an intermediate essence between a matter and energy would point at our errors concerning understanding of the structure of the universe and the microcosm. Unfortunately, our theme wasn’t accepted civilly and was thrown into the forum of mysticism.
    I would like reminding the beginning of that discussion:

    The First question, to which we must answer, sounds so:
    If exists parallel world?
    Maybe this will show strange, but answer is necessary to search in paranormal phenomena. I hope, you are acquainted with the biography of the French physician and astrologer Nostradamus (Michel de Notre Dam). In the childhood he had got the excellent individual formation and hereinafter, during of whole his life, he developed and enriched own mentality by new knowledge. At age of 19 years he for the first time had felt the fit of epilepsy, disease, which pursued his the whole life. How the biographers confirm, after one of the nervous fits Nostradamus, for the first time, had felt propensity to predictions. The most exact and known revelations were made by him after most strong fits.
    Here is, how in literature is described first fit of disease of Nostradamus:
    ”... On the following morning Michel much early come to the coast of the river, but gipsies there did not turn out to be. He approached closer to the river, has looked at the sky. It is shown to him that stars somehow strange lead itself, desperately wink, as want to talk with him. He did not come down eyes with the distant mysterious luminaries. Long looked upwards, until became dumb back of the head. Suddenly had felt that all body covered strange tremor. Small cricks running from the head to legs have deprived of its liberty of motion. Wanted to yell, on the help, but larynx suddenly became dumb. Pulled over darkness, wrapped up all body. He began to wheeze, felt, as saliva damp his lips, and he had lost a consciousness …”
    When Michel became to oneself, he had felt himself healthy, as previously.
    Analyze facts. During fits of epilepsy a brain of sick continues intensively to work. Ones groups of receptive centers feel strong inhibition and disconnect a consciousness from closer flows of information and noise. Other groups of receptive centers move over to the mode of anomalous sensitivity and begin to load into the subconsciousness such information, about which we, simple mortals, not even guess.
    The Physicians confirm that that are hallucinations.
    But so this indeed?

    Now let's ask to itself the following question:
    If the gyroscope is capable to feel some unknown force substance, then why the alive essence cannot feel this substance also?
    It is quite possible, that the nervous system of individual, in the certain conditions, is capable to feel sharply influence of stars, and the brain of some individuals is capable to understand this information.
    Not vainly in fact, the foretellers prefer to work under open-air and clear sky.
    The nearest star to us is the Sun. Flashes, protuberances and dark stains on the Sun influence a state of alive organisms. I, for example, feel very painfully during hyperactivity of the Sun (as it is considered to be – magnetic), but, at the same time, I feel normally not far from more powerful radiators of variables and constant magnetic fields.
    Any flash on the Sun is a nonlinear thermodynamic process. These flashes have action on functioning of gyroscopic compasses. Apparently, nonlinear thermodynamic processes on the Sun are capable to change initial orientation of axes of gyroscopes, but not by means of magnetic fields or gravitation.
    Probably, the change of orientation of axes occurs not in the space, but in other system of readout. Maybe in the parallel world.
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