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PV = nRT; units

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    When using the ideal gas law equation and solving for V, with constant R = 8.314 J·mol−1·K−1, what are the resultant units? L or m3?

    I always remember it being in L, but wouldn't it be m3 based purely on the units being put into the equation?

    Other units I'm using:

    P: Pa (not kPa)
    T: K
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    Trust your units :smile:

    For L one uses 8.314x103
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    Alternatively, there's also the other commonly used unit system, seen in R=0.0821 L-atm/(K-mol)
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    what you need to know to answer the question is that [itex] 1 Pa = 1 N/m^2 [/itex] (Newton per meter squared) and that [itex] 1 N = 1 J/m [/itex] so that [itex] 1 Pa = 1 J/m^3 [/itex] which shows that V comes out in [itex] m^3 [/itex]
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