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PV real estate value spreadsheet.

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    I tried to find an old thread to resurrect, since I remember one about a PFer having solar panels. Anyway, a new spreadsheet is out that you can use to calculate the impact solar panels will have on your real estate value. Traditionally, from what I've read, if there aren't many or any people who have panels nearby to compare to, yours could be under or not valued during home sale. So, good thing for anyone thinking about it.

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    Chi Meson

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    That's interesting; I'll look into it a bit later (Robotics season--busy).

    My PVs were just switched on, finally, 3 weeks ago, and in less than a month for a rainy January, I've generated over 120 kWh! That's *calculating* almost $22 ! At this rate, it will pay for itself in *more calculating* 60 years!

    ...hoping for more sun soon...
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