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PWM intensifying

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    Hello everyone,

    I have to control a solenoïd valve proportionally using a 166Hz PWM signal. The resistance of the coil is 2,5-4 ohm. If i'd be using a pure DC signal I'd have around 8 amps of power. However this is an oscillating signal. Since a coil resists changes in current, the effective current will be higher I guess?

    I want to create this signal using a digital output in Labview. The problem is that I can only draw a few milliamps from the output. Is it sufficiënt to intensify the signal using a transistor or mosfet? Or do I need to find a complete printed circuit with filters,...?

    Thanks for your answer
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    Usually a solenoid will be ON or OFF. What is tue purpose of the PWM?

    And yes, if you want to use LabView to generate the PWM, you will need a power amplifier. What is the solenoid coil voltage? Can you post a link to the datasheet?
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    While I am not 100% sure of the type of valve, there are electrically operated valves that are proportional. More voltage gets the valve farther open. Known as proportioning valves. Common on hydraulics nowadays.
    As to the original question, you will need some type of driver. I would assume the manufacturer of the valve would offer you something. That is if it is a true proportioning valve.
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    The valve works on 24V and has the function to control an amount of flow, so it is indeed proportional.
    Sadly I do not have a datasheet of the coil, it's used very often on high pressure pumps of Bosch.

    So I need to search for a drive instead of only using a transistor?

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