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Pyramids the biggest?

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    I'm really amazed to see so many people thinking that Pyramids are the largest constructions of the ancient world.

    Jhethawanaramaya in Sri Lanka is bigger than the largest pyrmig in Geesa and was built about 1600(or more I'm not sure) ago. Why dont you people check that out.
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    . . . . . . . . . .Height. . . .Diameter. . . . Age
    Jethawanaramaya:. .232ft. . . . .310ft. . . . .1700y
    Giza:. . . . . . . 481ft. . . . .751ft. . . . .4500y

    You could store your family Jethawanaramaya inside Cheops and still have room for your Sundays-only ragtop Jethawanaramaya, PLUS one for the wife, and TWO extras with bent axles that you keep for spare parts. AND Cheops is genuine vintage, not just nouveau retro.

    Q: Why dont you people check that out?

    A: Because everybody knows that worshippers at the Jethawanaramaya don't check their facts.

    The Jethawanaramaya have been trying to get an entry in the Guiness Book of Wonders of the World for 20 years, but every time they are invited to fly to GBWW headquarters, they forget to check their tickets and their flight takes off from Sri Lankan Int'l Airport while they are waiting at the subway station.
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    Does anyone have any pictures of the pyramid(?) in Sri Lanka? I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like.
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    That is a pretty large temple.
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    I thought the great wall of China was the largest man-made construction, and the only one visible from space. What qualifies as the 'ancient' world?
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    The Wall is notable for it's length, but I think we're talking height and maybe volume here.

    Besides it's not true, anyway.
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    Here's the scoop on the great wall. "But lots of manmade structures are visible from Earth orbit, including cities, highways and even some of the vehicles that traverse them. The Great Wall of China is visible from Earth orbit, too."

    http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/great_wall_031017.html [Broken]
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    It's a tie, Evo. :smile:
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    You'll find that Snopes says it's not visible from the moon, but says it is visible from space, it's just not the only object visible. :smile:
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    Hey, so did yours! Visible, but hard to see. :smile:

    "You can see the Great Wall," says astronaut Ed Lu, the science officer of Expedition Seven aboard the International Space Station, which circles the Earth higher than Yang's path. But the Wall is hard to find compared to other objects. Long stretches of its thousands of miles have been covered by sand over the eons.
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    Yeah, and I had previously thought it wasn't even visible at all. :redface:
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    Huck, the great wall would count as being ancient. Other artifacts from the same time period are.
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    I've seen photographs from space with the Great Wall in them. They are pretty amazing.
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    Learn something new every day. This is another one for the myth thread I suppose. I would still claim that the great wall has the most volume and length of any man-made structure if you consider its entire length.
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    Feel free to do the math. :smile:
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    It still doesn't mean it's larger.How about the fact that the egyptians built the Pyramids ~2700 years before the ones in Sri Lanka ?

    Fact.Till 1310,the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was the tallest construction man had ever made [1].


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    this thing looks like one huge tit.
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    I was under the impression that the largest antiquity pyramid was Aztec. Maybe that was tallest, not largest in volume.

    Goofy sort of pissing contest here going on here. My beautiful and ancient Wonder of the World is bigger that your beautiful and ancient Wonder of the World.
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