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Pyrrolidine: Achiral or chiral?

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    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting to this website.

    I'm just trying to study for organic chemistry, and I've been having a little trouble trying to grasp the concept of chiral/achiral.

    The book talks about pyrrolidine,C4H9N, and it asks whether or not pyrrolidine could be used to isolate the racemic form of ibuprofen. I know that if it was achiral then it could not be used because it would result in identical R and S forms and produce a racemic mixture. I am currently trying to determine whether pyrrolidine is achiral or chiral. It seems like it has symmetry around the nitrogen atom, but I am unsure of whether that counts?

    I'm very confused and any advice would help! Thank you in advance!

    For reference, pyrrolidine looks like this!
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