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Homework Help: Python and file output

  1. Nov 27, 2011 #1
    This isn't exactly part of my homework but I wanted to know how I could save the output of this program to txt file?

    The program was my homework and it was to allow the user to enter the starting values for a multiplication tables columns and rows and print a 10x10table

    I did it like so..

    Code (Text):

    print "To create a '10x10' multiplication table: "
    row = int(raw_input("Enter the first row number: "   ))
    col = int(raw_input("Enter the frist column number: "))

    lastRow = row + 10                          # These lines assign  the value  of the variables
    lastCol = col + 10

    print "   ",  

    while (col<lastCol):                # loop from col to col + 10
        print "%3d" % col,              #each iteration prints the column header value.
    print "\n","-"*50,
    col=firstRow                        #reset col values


    #end loop
    print  #moves to the next line

    while (row < lastRow):                      #This line creates the conditions in which both loops operate            
        print row,"|",                          #Prints a header for each row                                                
        while(col < lastCol):                   #This line creates the conditions for the inner loop
            print "%3d" %(col * row),          
            col +=1    


        col=firstRow                            #This line  updates the value for which "col"    
        row +=1                                  #This line updates the value for "row"
    Is there a way I could save the printed values to a file?
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    mr.me, I will add that your code is very "un-Pythonic." It does not use any of the nifty features that make Python easier to use than other languages. Here's a more elegant version that uses implicit looping constructs:

    Code (Text):

    print "To create a '10x10' multiplication table: "
    firstRow = int(raw_input("Enter the first row number: "   ))
    firstCol = int(raw_input("Enter the frist column number: "))

    for row in range(firstRow, firstRow+10):
        cols = range(firstCol, firstCol+10)
        values = [ "%3d" % (row * col) for col in cols ]
        print "|".join(values), "\n", "-"*40
    - Warren
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    You can run your program from the command line, something like this:
    python myprog.py

    Using the operating system, instead of modifying your program in any way, you can save a program's normal output to a file like this:
    python myprog.py > myresults.txt

    and the output will be saved on a file by that name in your current directory.
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