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Homework Help: Python ATM script using OOP

  1. Dec 31, 2016 #1
    hello everyone,
    I am a new member of this forum I found really good topics and good community that helps with many scientific fields. So I have this long text-based user interface for banking system written in python functions , but needs to be written using object oriented programming. I had build many possible structures without reading the implementations of the instructor, but as I read them and try to apply them everything become very complicated.

    How can write/re-write the following code(ready) using the objected oriented Python? : http://www.pastebin.ca/3751103 [Broken]

    Where did i make a mistake?

    Here i tried the whole last weak something like this:
    http://pastebin.ca/3751105 [Broken]

    finally, here are the implementations :http://pastebin.ca/3751108

    THANKS all and happy new year.
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    Just putting everything into a single class doesn't make the code object-oriented.

    Start with a list of objects you want to have. An account, for example. What are the properties of an account? What are things an account can do? Certainly not printing a navigation menu, as your current code suggests! And why do you define an Admin as "some type of account"?
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    Your second link contains the following:
    These notes lay out pretty clearly what you need to do: create a number of classes with the specified properties.
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    man , how can i delete this thread ? thanks in advance
  6. Jan 2, 2017 #5


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    Our policy is to not delete such threads when there have been replies to the question.
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