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Python Python installation

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    Hello, i want to start learning python, but i can't install it after i download python3.4.2 from python's site..then i dont know what to do...it's complicated cause i 've never occupied with programming and it seems hard for me, i'd really appreciate your help
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    Use an editor (e.g. Notepad++), write your program and just save it as something.py . Double-click it to run
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    Γεια σου ρε Μηνά!!! thanks
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    that means that i only need python to run programms?
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    Which of these do you mean?

    A. You downloaded python 3.4.2 as a zipped file or something, and don't know what to do to install it?
    B. You downloaded and installed it, but don't know how to write a program and run it? (the question MinasKar answered)

    In either case, it helps to say which operating system you're using: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or something else? (and which version?)
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    windows 7 64bit, yeah i dowload, i install it but then i dont know what to do, and if i install notepad++ and write on it then why do i need python programm?
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    Use notepad++ (or another editor) to write your program and python to run it. Without python installed in your computer, you can't run any of your programs.
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    Python usually comes with its own IDE called "IDLE", you should see it in the start menu. It may not be the best editor, but it will get you going.
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    actually...yes u are right i found it but i like more notepad++ :) thanks for answer buddy
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    and in which programm ill be able to compile and find my mistakes?
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