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Python program using netCDF help!

  1. Mar 11, 2012 #1
    Hello, I need to write a program that will plot any set of .nc data with dimensions stored in t-z-y-x order but i'm having some problems thats driving me crazy.

    first problem: how do I find the names of the variables for each dimension for example how would I find the name 'lat' for the latitude (I know in the .nc file but i'm not allowed to hard code it)

    second problem: The graphs that I plot have white bits on the outside because the x and y axis are bigger than the data set, is there a way to eliminate this part?

    my program is below notice that I have to hardcode the words 'lon' and 'lat when I need to get them from the file instead somehow!)

    # Assignment2 module1
    # FILENAME: A2P1

    def plotMap(locStr, varStr, tI, zI):
    '''reads a file location (string), variable (string), a time index and then a z index'''
    print "importing..."
    import numpy as np
    import matplotlib
    import netCDF4
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap
    from netCDF4 import Dataset
    import string

    print "reading data..."
    nc = Dataset(locStr)
    var = nc.variables[varStr]

    print "Converting the coordinates..."
    lonvar = nc.variables['lon']
    lonvals = lonvar[:]
    latvar = nc.variables['lat']
    latvals = latvar[:]

    print "Creating plot attributes..."
    pc=plt.pcolor(lonvals, latvals, data)
    plt.colorbar(pc, orientation='horizontal')
    plt.xlabel('longitude (' + lonvar.units +')')
    plt.ylabel('latitude (' + latvar.units + ')')
    plt.title('plot of ' + varStr + ' at level z=' + str(zI) + ' (' + var.units + ')')

    print "Plotting graph..."
    plt.savefig(varStr + '.png')

    import A2P1
    A2P1.plotMap('/home/edev/classes/class7/FOAM_20110209.0.nc', 'TMP', 1, 12)
    #A2P1.plotMap('/home/edev/classes/class6/GlobModel_temp.nc', 'Pressure', 1, 1)

    here are links to two .nc file this program should work for but doesn't quite yet


    I have used a lot of time looking for the command that will fix everything, your help will be very appretiated. If can't help and have a good idea of where to look that would be usedful too,

    thank you

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