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Homework Help: Pz help

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    Hey, I'h got a test comin up and revising, doing last year's test.
    I need help with this question
    Basically an chromotopgraphy is conducted to seperate the pigments of a plant (Beetroot) using 3 different solvents: water, methylated spirits and kerosine.
    THe part that i am stuck on is this
    Justify the appropriateness of the method by relating the properties of the material to be separated with the method of seperation, the solvents nad the equipment used.
    -Method os Seperation(2 marks)

    Solvent(2 marks)


    What would be a reasonable answer to this question, to achieve full marks.
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    Ummm...did you just ask us to do your homework for you ?

    ... and do it in a manner that would ensure you full marks ?

    Since there's no way anyone can be sure that this is really from a previous test, we require you to folow the rules for this forum, no matter where the question comes from.
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    You mean what i think is it?
    Well the only thing it could be is the polarity of the solvents.
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