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Homework Help: PZT activation energy

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I have to find activation energy of PZT sample using arrehnius plot , i have ln(conductivity) v/s 1000/T plot , i calculated the slope from the graph , then what will will be the next step to calculate Ea ?

    formula is : ln(conductivity) = Aexp(-Ea/KT) where A is the dc value of conductivity .
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    Assume that the formula is true (I doubt it; your formula looks weird to me), then you can transform it:
    ln(conductivity) = Aexp(-Ea/KT)
    => ln( ln(conductivity) ) = -Ea/kT + lnA
    Plot the graph of ln( ln(conductivity) ) vs 1/T, the slope is -Ea/k. We know the Boltzmann's constant k = 1.38 x 10^(-23), we get Ea.
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