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Q/A dimensions

  1. Sep 23, 2004 #1
    if there are infinite dimensions then why can't a version of our selfs or an intirly difrent species of people with higher technology Physically come to our dimension
    or it may be intirly impossible i know i may be answering my own question but it could be some kind of paradox since there are infinte dimensions then the travelers would turn up in a world like ours but it wouldnt be the same or maybe our dimension changes but i love the theory that every action splits into multiple dimensions it trills me to think about the possibilitys of the universe if only i see other lands other hopes change mistakes mend wounds
    but please if im wrong please dont make fun of me im only 15
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    Well the thing is, we just dont know. If parallel universes exist, it may be completely possible, but we're not even sure if they do, let alone how to cross into them. Then again we may be the most advanced race at the current time in the universe, and in the others if others exist, so the answer is we just dont know any of this.
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    What we, members of this human race, must keep reminding ourselves, is that we are here, NOW! For whatever reason(s) we are being challenged.

    I, personally, believe that we each create our own challenge(s) to expand our consciousness, awareness, knowlege, etc. We can do this soberly, drunk or stoned. The choice is ours. I visited many worlds and found many answers. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them.

    The knowledge I learned just from living is much more important than whether or not there are other dimensions, a god, time & space and a true reality.

    Why not try reading 'The nature of Personal Reality' by Jane Roberts. It did wonders for me. There is the possibility that we are more than this life, but the important thing is to enjoy what we have, not get lost in a probable, maybe better dimension that we can't get to.

    Life just is, enjoy it.

    olde drunk
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    i dont care i must find one no is not an answer for me to give up i dont care how long it takes
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    I don't think there is any evidence, or any reason to suspect that there are infinite dimensions.
  7. Sep 25, 2004 #6
    why is that???
    please tell me
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    Mathematics allows for an infinite number of dimensions. In math all dimensions are the same, none have any special properties. The math works for all known dimensions. This is a good indicator that there is an infinite number of dimensions possible.

    All actions and forces only influence up to three dimensions away. You therefore have no information possible from any dimensions beyond three.

    Other universes are another question. You may have another universe in our same dimension. Consider the Big Bang more than just a single event. Another universe could then be in our four-dimensions but just a fraction of a second ahead or behind us.

    An infinite number of dimensions make sense from a religious point of view. When you die you find yourself in a dimension all by yourself. You have complete freedom of movement but you can not see beyond three dimensions with out help. If you believe in God you see a light and have a direction. If you reject God you are repelled by the light and you turn away from it. You then have no place to go except into the darkness.

    Good Luck
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    then death is the way
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    Actually the mathematicians can make the dimensions different if they want to. All dimensions the same is just the simplest case. For example math has no trouble with time being a little different than space; it was the mathematician Minkowski who worked up space-time as the representation of Einstein's relativity.
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    Hi SelfAdjoint good to hear from you.
    Minkowski’s space-time is a simple rotation of the 4-dimensions. He shows the time dimension ( ct ) with respect to the spatial dimension and all things are moving in the ( ct ) dimension at a transition rate equal to ( c ).

    He did not change the nature of dimensions he only showed that time had a transition equal to ( c ) in the time dimension but the time dimension scale did not vary and was smooth and linear with respect to the spatial dimension. You can see this by the straight 45-degree line drawn representing the speed of light.

    The only thing Minkowski did not do was to give ( ct ) a real meaning. He did not realize that the transition outward from the Big Bang could be the ( ct ) dimension and the mechanism of time.

    For a dimension to be different its scale would need to change with respect to the spatial scale dimension. If one dimension is different then another a linear line would appear curved.
  12. Oct 2, 2004 #11
    Hmm I would rather hope there are finite dimensions... some theories require it, like string theory. If there are more than 11 dimensions than the strings would not viberate correctly thereby screwing up our world. If there are infinite dimensions than string theory can't be correct. There are many other theories that are dimensional dependent.
  13. Oct 3, 2004 #12
    do you think string theory is the end of new views of the universe??

    what if the potential (new) theory examines string and finds 11 dimensions within the prime 11??


    olde drunk
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    What do you mean by 11 dimensions within 11? But of course it is possible that the details of string/M physics may be overtaken by further theory not to mention experiment. What will not be overtaken is the rough features of QED and the standard model, because they are supported by experiment. The reasons that those rough features exist may vary with time, but the features themselves will persist, just as Newton's gravity and Maxwell's electromagnetism have persisted in their areas of application.
  15. Oct 4, 2004 #14
    What is the real question?

    Hi Matt,

    It appears like you are not asking a question about dimensions but about how to get out of the reality you live in. Am I right on that one?

    Sometimes it is not possible to really escape the reality we are in, but since you are only 15 I can tell you that there are ways to get out of the reality one is in, by changing the outside reality for a different more preferred reality. I do not say that you need to run away tonight and find heaven on earth because it is not that simple, but by planning your escape carefully you may end up in a different reality.

    One way to change reality for the better is by finishing school with good grades, follow it up with work and study to get ahead. Another way is to help your family move closer to an area where there are less troubles - sometimes housing for the same amount of rent can be had in little bit nicer neighborhoods. If life is hard because of lack of money, there are some governmental aid programs, for instance, a credit card with which the family can shop at specific grocery stores and that way some of the other money the family has can be used for other/more things. And sometimes it is enough just to get out of the place you see each and every day, and go (on your bike or on the bus) to a place for a day where you have been before and that you liked.

    Science is a place to learn more about our reality, and the good thing about science is that once you know more about our reality, you can actually get a couple of grips on that reality; sometimes even change reality into something better. But it does require action, and even more than action it requires patience. You need to learn how to do things well before others pay you any attention that can move you ahead (in a positive way, I mean). Science also allows for downtime, playing time. In math abstract paintings are created that fascinate a good number of people, but just like real paintings aren't actually real, those abstracts in math may also not really belong to our day-to-day reality. They seem to have a nice dimensional impact, but they are just flat realities. But there is nothing wrong with a good escape like dimensions.

    I, for one, I believe there are only two dimensions. I only have two eyes, so who needs a third dimension. But I do think there are three directions (height, width, length). Examples of one dimensions (in my language) are paintings (width and length) or television screens, drawings on a piece of paper. Two dimensions are the world we live in. One dimensions are actually fakes, but they really exist and can deliver some escape. Two dimensions are real and unless you change either yourself (by getting a degree) or change your environment (move to a nicer neighborhood, become a cop, start a store your neighborhood needs, etc.) reality will not change much. Reality has a lot to offer, but sometimes we need to adjust ourselves to get a reality that is good in the long run.

    Sorry to be so down-to-earth, but I got the feeling there was more to your question than just wanting to know about dimensions. I think that the original use of 1 dimension (a single direction) does not exist by itself, isn't even fake that exists in our reality. I have never seen something with just a width walk by, have you?
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