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Q&A Precalculus homework

  1. Sep 11, 2006 #1
    I need help...
    Write the partial fraction decomposition of the rational expression.
    4X^2-1/ 2X(X+1)^2
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    What have you tried? Here's a quick summary of the steps...

    step 1:
    4x^2-1/2x(x+1)^2 = A/2x + B/(x+1) + C/(x+1)^2

    step 2:
    4x^2-1/(x+1)^2 = A and evaluate at x=0

    Step 3:
    *Solve for C before you solve for B:
    4x^2-1/2x = A(x+1)^2/2x + B(x+1) + C and evaluate at x=-1

    Step 4:
    Then, differentiate the equation in the step 3 with respect to x

    Step 5:
    Finally, evaluate equation in step 4 at x=-1

    You should now have all your constants, A, B and C
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