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Homework Help: Q about PEDs > I need some help

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    I had a look at it and after a few minutes I got a transformed result, but indeed it is not the one given. However there seems to be a term missing in the left hand side containing the time t. After using the transformation I got (without the term with the time):

    [tex]u^*\frac{\partial u^*}{\partial x^*}+ v^*\frac{\partial u^*}{\partial y^*}= m\cdot \frac{U^{n-1}}{L^n}\cdot \left[M\cdot \theta + \frac{\partial}{\partial y^*} \left[\left|\frac{\partial u^*}{\partial y^*}\right| ^{n-1} \right]\cdot \frac{\partial u^*}{\partial y^*}\right][/tex]

    Maybe the term with t can shed some light on the necessary next step, otherwise I do not see how to reach the end result.

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    thank you very much

    but how do you reach this result ??!!!

    please can you explain it to me

    even I don't know how to get


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    pfff.....the preview gives a different formula then the one I'm typing, I assume the latex is still broken

    This is done in the same way as before, you have:

    [tex]v\frac{\partial u}{\partial y}=v^*U\frac{\partial u^*U}{\partial y^*L} = \frac{U^2}{L} v^*\frac{\partial u^*}{\partial y^*}[/tex]

    After doing this to the other terms as well, you end up with the result I gave earlier. Beware of the error in the question, you will not be able to reach the solution given.

    remark 1: sorry for the late reply, I had a busy week
    remark 2: don't use a font this big, it looks as if you are shouting which is not the intention I suppose, instead look at learning the basics of latex, it will be helpfull in producing the nice formula's out here :-) [if the bloody thing works, lol]

    seems the latex is OK after all.... this does not follow a mathematical rule, perhaps something chaotic...could be me as well...

    best regards,

  6. May 4, 2009 #5

    thank thank thank you very very very much

    and I will not use a font this big ^-^

    and I will try to learn the basics of latex

    thank you
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