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Q I can not find the answer

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    Dear I am not very familiar with the knowledge of physics, so I can not find who is the best of you to answer my questionThe question is if a person drinks, standing Will vary the speed and the power of falling water in the stomach or will be the same speed and power in the event of drink sitting Do they differ gravity of water in both cases with the distance between the pharynx and the stomach is fixed in both casesHelp me to answer and thank you
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    Really odd question.

    The answer for all forseeable reasonable cases: there is no difference.

    On Earth, gravity can be said to be a constant g=9.8 m/s^2, and the distance between the mouth (pharynx?) and the stomach is constant, whether sitting, or standing. The amount of kinetic energy acuired by the water as it falls from the mouth to the stomach is equal to

    Energy = (mass of the water)*(gravity constant)*(distance from mouth to stomach).

    Notice that standing/sitting doesn't influence the equation at all.
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    Pharynx is the neck region

    You have the same position of your upper body, no matter you are standing or sitting.

    It might just matter if you are lying on bed and drinking.

    So, I dont think that there is any difference or any impact being made by changing the position from standing to sitting when drinking water !!

    CHEERS !!

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    Movement of food and liquid within the body does not depend on gravity, which is how circus performers can drink a glass of water, whilst standing on their heads.

    The process is called peristalsis.

    http://www.pennmedicine.org/encyclopedia/em_DisplayAnimation.aspx?gcid=000097&ptid=17 [Broken]
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