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Q in crystal field theory

  1. Oct 31, 2008 #1
    at crystal field stabilization in strong field case
    d4 CFSE=-16Dq+p
    d5 CFSE=-20Dq+2p
    d6 CFSE=-24Dq+2p
    d7 CFSE=-18Dq+p

    d8 CFSE=-12Dq
    it was shuld be +3P and +4 P
    why it be +p,2p,2p,p ???
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    Why do you believe that it should be + 3 and + 4? What equation are you using?
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    my Q explain why the CFSE =-24Dq+2p at d6 not =-24Dq+3p?
    like u see in fig. if we put the 6`th electron we have 3 paring set so we was should add 3p to the CFSE why we count them as 2P?
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    You are right for this case where its Octahedral , scroll the link to page 9

    http://www.chemistry.ucsc.edu/~tholman/Chem151A/LectureNotes/Week2.pdf [Broken]

    Is this an Octahedral complex? Also did they mention a specific metal ligand complex ; sometimes an LS becomes HS should the actual CFSE is found to be positive with the incorporation of the pairing energy?
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