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Homework Help: Q of p+p reaction.

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    p+p -> deutron+positron+neutrino(e)

    The question is how much energy is released?


    So I don't understand how can energy be relesed? I found that Q for that reaction is 1.442MeV. What am I doing wrong?
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    Note that md < mp + mn
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    What is the mass of deutron then? How can I calculate it, or where can I find that data?
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    You should have data in your course book, and also in tables that you may use on exams etc. Here is some good internet rescourses:

    http://nucleardata.nuclear.lu.se/database/masses/ [Broken]

    The mass of the deutron is [tex] m_n + m_p - E_{Binding} [/tex]
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    Thank you.
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