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Q-Ray bracelet

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    I see commercials for these every now and then. It is some metalic braclet that someone where that grants them some special energy or something. I cannot make out what exactly it does because the commercials are so damn vague. The commercials consist of people just saying how great the bracelet is and how it changed their life. Then they go into how some athletes wear them and so on...

    I am very skpetical of a product that does not reveal the mechanism by which it does what it does, much less not revealing what it does at all.

    Does anyone know about these? Is there any scientific evidence that backs up the ability of these bracelets to do whatever they do?
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    Remember the copper bracelets that were suppose to do the same thing?
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    I've seen them worn by Ozzy Osbourne and former World's Strongest Man Bill Kazmeier. I've always heard they were bunk.
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    Get your QRay braclet, Today!


    I don't know about you, but I want in on this ionizing action! :rofl:

    Come on now, everone dig deep to help support this noble company, as they continue to use science to better our lives! :bugeye: :biggrin:
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    I have seen this on tv before. I don't know anything about it, but it sounds like a scam. Is there any truth to the thing?

    Edit: HOLY S$%^! 300 bucks! NO THANK YOU.

    OOOOOOOOOOH, so thats how they work. DUH! I forgot all about the bio-medical science of the Ying and the Yang. Stupid me.
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    This just goes to show that any commercial hack can suck money out of ignorant consumers.
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    We've had threads on this before. People will buy anything.
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    I agree. Can anyone show my any legitamate web-site(FDA, etc...) which shows any medical benefit??? No.
    Let's get real. What does a copper bracelet or magnets have to do with anything other than a scam?
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    This not FDA/quatum mechincs approved they be shut down
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