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Homework Help: Q w delta T,U and H calculation

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    A sample of 6.0 mol N2 is originally confined in 30 dm^3( ie L) at 273K and then undergoes adiabatic expansion against a constant pressure of 95kpa until the volume has increased by a factor of 2.0. calculate q,w,delta T, Delta U and Delta H (The final pressure of the gas is not necessarily 95 kpa)

    For this Q I know

    q= 0 since the process is adiabatic

    therfore delta U = w (work) = Cp (Heat Capacity constant Pressure) Delta T

    Also I know

    T(final) = T(initial) * (V(i)/V(f))^(1/c)

    Should I use work = 95 *30 or should I use the heat capacity method...as these yield different results??

    OR is there another method to solve the rest of the Q??....any hints/suggestions would be great!!!


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    just out of curiosity, are you a UWA student doing CHEM2210 by any chance?
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