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Qc of two step sequence

  1. Apr 1, 2008 #1
    Apologies. I tried to use Latex but I haven't gotten it down quite yet

    The powerful chlorinating agent sulfuryl dichloride (SO2Cl2) can be prepared by the following two-step sequence:

    H2S(g)+O2(g) <-> SO2(g)+H2O(g)
    SO2(g)+Cl2(g) <-> SO2Cl2(g)

    a. Balance each step and write the overall equation
    b. Show that the overall Qc equals the product of the Qc's for the individual steps

    I balanced it and got
    2H2S(g)+3O2(g) <-> 2SO2(g)+2H2O(g)

    I've done a problem like this before and there were more than two steps. I don't know if that applies here...So I don't really know where to go
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