QED and Very Slow Light

  1. There is Feynman's example of a mirror in the book QED. To summarize, there is more than one reflection off of a mirror. There are several paths light can take where there is constructive interference.

    So let's say that light is very slow, like one meter per second. You walk into a saloon with a big mirror and in that mirror see some other cowpoke moseying along, the reflection making a 90 degree angle at the mirror. Light is so slow that there are ten seconds of delay between viewing the guy directly and watching him in the mirror. There a second or so additional delay on the next longest path. Would you then see one or two fainter secondary images of the other guy in addition to the main image, with a second or so additional delay? Would you see tertiary and so forth yet fainter images, each with a second or so more delay?
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