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QED coherence in matter

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    I would like to know what do you think about the Giuliano Preparata theory on QED coherence in matter.
    He studied the problem of the ground state in condensed matter under the hypotesis that the standard perturbative vacuum is unstable with respect to a new coherent vacuum, whose spectrum emerge quite naturally through a simple variational procedure.

    Here you can find more informations:




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    But, is never possible that nobody of you is interested in this new way to watch to the reality of the world (without introducing new concepts, of course) ?

    Just looking at interaction and dynamical evolution between matter and e.m. field in terms of quantized matter-wave-field and quantized e.m.-wave-field.

    If you consider a piece of matter (N=10^23 but described by a field) what is the effect of interaction with the zero point energy fluctuations of the e.m. field??
    What happens when the electric dipole moment field interact with e.m. field?

    look at the article!!



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