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QFT books?

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What is a good to book to start reading about quantum field theory?
I believe the one by Srendnicki is very good for a starter. You can see detailed comments on amazon.
I'm not a physics major, but I've grinded through Srednicki, Zee, and Radovanovic: Solved problem in QFT


I would say those are the best.

The others I tried to study was Ryder, Maggiore, Weinberg, and Peskin. Ryder, and Maggiore was not to my taste. I can really appreciate Weinberg and Peskin, but they are too difficult for starters.

I've heard that Mandel is the way to go too.


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Another one not mentioned, that I like, is Field Quantization by Greiner and Reinhardt.
I like Gauge Theories in Particle Physics by Aitchison and Hey.
I'd also recommend Aitchison & Hey for a first pass. Very good on the basics. I haven't picked up volume 2, though. Only canonical quantization is covered, no path integrals.

The previously mentioned Greiner is also very good on the basics, but because they don't bother with [itex]\phi^4[/itex] theory or other "toy" Lagrangians, they take a long time to get to Feynman diagrams.

I think Zee is very good, but he seems so breezy and deceptively "easy" that he should be supplemented with a book that shows more of the gory details like Srednicki, Brown, Ramond, or Ryder.

Srednicki is very good, but I think his opening chapters are actually kind of confusing for a beginner.

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I, too, recommend Aitchison and Hey for self-study, but only if the expanded two-volume 2003 edition is used (even if only the first volume is studied).


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If you want take it easy, then start with Zee's book. I would do it.
thanks for the replies

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