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QFT learning with solved examples

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    i'm trying to learn qft. i have referred many books most of them have same pattern giving some intuitive idea followed by proof or formula derivation but i need solved examples/applications of this formulas or proofs for better understanding e.g. second quantization "momentum" and "position" are converted to operators acting on field or annihilation operator decreases number of particles by one. statements like this along with formula are only stated by authors and never applied to any example nor explained so can you suggest me some book or lecture notes ppts?
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    Is there much experimental data/results that can be explained using simple QFT?

    Text books usually begin by describing the K-G eq. as a failed attempt at relativistic QM, but later mention it to be the correct QFT eq. for a scalar field, so (for example) are there real experiments involving neutral pions (or any effective scalar particles) for which some results can be correctly predicted simply with scalar QFT? (As it is, introductory texts tend to have very little connection with physical reality, and the problem sets seem overly theoretical.)
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    This one specifically emphasises step-by-step calculations of many of the results:

    B Hatfield - Quantum Field Theory of Point Particles and Strings (1992)

    (first ~400 pages are an intro to QFT)
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